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Exploring Generational Trauma in 36 JUNIPER

Wrong House Productions is a vibrant and polished new theatre company in New York City, whose latest offering, 36 Juniper, sets out to examine the trauma and fallout from violence that run through the experience of the millennial generation.

Written by the founding members of Wrong House, several of whom double up as featured leads in the ensemble cast, 36 Juniper plays like part Agatha Christie, part Pinter, part Sartre: as five high school friends, and one newcomer, assemble to celebrate - or mourn - the anniversary of a school shooting 10 years ago.

The production is beautifully staged and performed.  Director Greg Pragel (last seen fight directing for Hamlet Isn't Dead's Julius Caesar, and starring in Austin Pendleton's Richard III) knows how to stage a show, giving the actors space to find their own rhythms that suit the realism of the setting.  Steven Brenman & Co's set is a detailed work of art, transforming a difficult L-shaped space into a full living room…

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