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The Rogue Players, directed by John DeBenedetto, took on Shakespeare's As You Like It in midtown Manhattan for the start of Spring.  The company is founded on "a community of actors, writers, and artists of all different voices, perspectives and experiences," in order to present underrepresented classical work as well as new plays.

As You Like It is, in some ways, a tricky Shakespearean play to tackle.  The humor is more lingual than physical, and largely based on obscure-to-modern-audiences references.  While there are the Twelfth Night-ian shenanigans of cross-dressing, with a side of Midsummer's everyone-falling-in-love-in-a-forest, As You Like It tends towards wordplay more than pratfalls.

So how did the Rogue Players do?

The Well-Done!

With such a challenging text, there were several stand-outs among the cast.  Emmy Kuperschmid gave an excellent Celia, dexterously dealing with her tangled metaphors and layered jokes, as well as balancing the role of sardonic be…

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