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HOT TAKE: Lady Shakes presents ROMEO AND JULIET

The all female-identifying cast and crew of the newly formed Lady Shakes Theatre Company presented an enthusiastic take on Romeo and Juliet for their inaugural production.

The Well-Done!

It's always a pleasure to see an all-female theatre company tackle Shakespeare, particularly a company that's committed to diversifying the playing field within the umbrella of women+ performers.

Martha Benson, pulling triple duty as Romeo, Stage Director and Artistic Director/Founder of Lady Shakes has a positive vision for her company which is exciting.

Her own scenes as Romeo shone.  Benson has a clear grasp of text and definitive ideas about her idealistic Romeo which played quite well on the stage.  She also innovated some interesting directorial choices: such as having the Capulet's party begin not as a dance rave but as a silent cocktail event that Mercutio disrupts with music, or having "Gallop apace" perform almost as music underscoring a slow-mo version of the Tybalt/Ro…

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