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Women in Power: Hedgepig Ensemble's MARY STUART

Hedgepig Ensemble's mission is simple: "To elevate the voices of all womxn by reimagining the classics."  From William Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams, Hedgepig aims to put women front and center.

Their latest offering, Mary Stuart, by Friedrich Schiller, translated by Mike Poulton, with direction by Emily Lyon, does just that, pitting Queen Elizabeth I against the Queen of Scots, in a political thriller that's a match to any game of thrones.

Compliments must be paid to the whole design team.  Playing in the somewhat inaccessible Access Theatre in downtown New York, scene designer Mike Mroch, with assistant Courtney Kupferschmidt transform the bare space into an Elizabethan cell, managing to give the audience a sense of space, of height, of palaces beyond.  Their work is aptly complimented by Charlotte McPherson's light design.  Special notice must go to Carsen Joenk's sound design, which elevates the show from mere intro and outro music, to something repre…

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